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Issue Opened Modified Priority Reporter Assignee
#3657 Update README with details on the new testing script(s)    doc debt easyfix 3 days ago 2 days ago ryanlerch unassigned
#3647 Add headers to notification emails    2 easyfix RFE 4 days ago 2 days ago abompard unassigned
#3640 Document the repospanner configuration keys    doc easyfix 5 days ago 5 days ago pingou unassigned
#3639 A little space under the list of milestones on the roadmap page    RFE Artwork easyfix 5 days ago 5 days ago pingou ryanlerch
#3610 vagrant / ansible - no package python-trololio available    6 easyfix bug 18 days ago 5 days ago akanksham unassigned
#3372 Provide and easy way how to contact an admin    7 easyfix RFE 3 months ago 2 months ago psss thebugger
#2469 Update the docs for running tests    3 doc easyfix a year ago 2 months ago farhaan unassigned
#2445 Pagure hook does not work for non-master branches    4 doc easyfix bug a year ago 16 days ago mikem pingou
#1903 Split tests for ``ignore_existing_repo`` into their own function    unit-tests debt easyfix 2 years ago 2 years ago pingou unassigned
#1819 New repo in namespace doesn't show in group and group doesn't have rights on it    7 doc easyfix RFE 2 years ago a month ago ignatenkobrain unassigned
#1794 Need not show 'Created by' in 'Opened issues' section of 'My issues'    6 easyfix 2 years ago 9 months ago cep unassigned
#755 Add unit-tests for inline-comments    4 easyfix 2 years ago 2 years ago pingou unassigned