#4544 better tarball release management system
Opened 4 years ago by praiskup. Modified a year ago

E.g. in copr/copr.git, there's Releases section which provides tarball download links for each tag we do -- but that links are bad, because
- we have tags for separate packages (sub-directories)
- the links generate a tarball containing all the project sources, not only to the corresponding package.

It would be nice to have at least a knob to disable this "automatic release tarball" feature -- that is - keep only the manually "uploaded" tarballs. Maybe also provide a way to bound released tarball with the corresponding tag.

Monorepos of code with separate lifecycles are bad with git, because tags are not namespaced.

The automatic tarball feature works for most Git repos because most people don’t do monorepos with components that are separately versioned.

I agree with @ngompa that it is minor use-case, and that such versioning isn't terribly convenient. But still the initial request makes sense to me.

I'll take the RFE for adding a way to disable the auto-generated tarballs. It should be fairly simple to do (an option in the settings, an if in the template and in the actual endpoint)

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE, easyfix

4 years ago

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