#4660 emoji point to a parked domain
Opened 4 years ago by alciregi. Modified 2 years ago

In the list of emoji icons that appears when writing ":", there is a BROWSE ALL link that points to http://www.emoji.codes/

The web page states that "This domain is parked free of charge with NameSilo.com. NameSilo offers the cheapest domains on the Internet as well as"

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4 years ago

Good catch thanks. Any suggestion for a replacement link?

It looks like the emojione project we were using went proprietary :( https://github.com/joypixels/emojione

This looks interesting, and also actively maintained: https://pypi.org/project/emoji/

Displaying emoji would then rely on the local / browser emoji font for rendering, and not on any web service.

@decathorpe This doesn't look half-bad! Is it available in Fedora and EPEL?

I just checked, and the latest version (0.5.4) is already in all fedora branches and EPEL8:


Just as an update, the "BROWSE ALL" link in the comment editor popup now redirects to the page for "ShiftApp Employee Scheduling Software" (https://www.shiftapp.com/), an even more nonsensical destination than the previous parked domain. Really need to get that replaced.

If it's just a question of linking to a page listing available emoji, there's always the official Unicode Consortium chart.

As far as completion goes, though, another possibility is to replace emojicomplete.js with the emojionearea completer (Demo here: https://jsfiddle.net/mervick/1v03Lqnu/765/) which IMHO seems a lot better than the current completer.

For example, typing :roll into the pagure completer currently produces 7 matches, none of them the obvious choice: 🙄. In the emojionearea completer, two results come up, and they're exactly the correct two results:


The emojionearea JS also supports a "catalog" style selector with the expected categories, a skin tone selector, and a search box:

So, two years later (now), still nothing has changed.

I'd be willing to look at possibly replacing emojicomplete.js with the emojionearea completer I mentioned a couple of comments back, which seems as good an option as any.

That is, I'm willing if someone can get me started by pointing me to the correct repo(s) I should be hacking against to update both pagure.io and src.fedoraproject.org.

(And maybe also whatever documentation is available on getting new test code running on a staging service. This would obviously need a lot of testing eventually, and my last [failed] attempts to run pagure services on my local machine cost an hour of my life I'll never get back and don't feel like repeating. I know a staging server at least exists for src.fpo, but I've never really seen any concrete information about it. Not to say the info doesn't exist, I just don't know where it is.)

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