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the localization team defined a few roles to make things easier for newcomers and to explain roles and responsibilities:

We currently have three roles:

  • Translator
  • Team coordinator
  • Localization administrator

can you please create a few images to make it looks like more L10N related and make our main page prettier?

note: the usage of country flag is not wished as we are structured by language and not by country.

  • Deadline
    before F26

  • Size requirements in pixels if applicable
    Current logo is 86*86px, but we can easily resize in wiki.

  • If this is a logo or icon for an application

  • What application is this for?
    For Fedora L10N project https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/L10N

  • Brief description of what the application does
    It describes the different roles in Localization team

  • Packager or developer contact information (IRC nick + email + wiki profile page link)
    jean-baptiste at holcroft.fr

  • If this is for an icon, please indicate if you need desktop icons or web application icons.

thanks a lot for your help

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Hi @jibecfed ! Could you please elaborate on what you mean by "looks like more L10N related"? Do you have any specific style in mind? Thanks!

Hi Maria,

I'm pretty sure I respond this already, thank you for coming back to me about this bug!

The icon we use to describe our roles "Translator", "Coordinator" and "L10N Admin" is this one : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Join_Translator.png

It really is neutral and can apply to really anything. I suggested it to L10N group to have icons that are personalized for L10N, they liked the idea. As your are a proficient producer of content, please now we also asked for a T-shirt design [1], a L10N membership badge[2] and L10N content produced badge [3].

l10n is localization, basically translate content (and use local turn of phrase/concepts).

To have a word translated in different languages may be great for translator. "I translate", "Je traduis", etc.

The coordinator is a helper, someone who cheer a group, welcomes newcomers and make sure people know what/where/how to do things. Something to reflect this would be great. We were really careful that Coordinator is a pillar of the group, and not the chief of the group (inverted hierarchy). I have no idea how to represent this.

About L10N Admin, they are in the matrice, like coordinators but for the whole community, someone told me they have superpowers. I have no idea how to represent this.

[1] https://pagure.io/g11n/issue/32

[2] https://pagure.io/g11n/issue/26

[3] https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-badges/ticket/221

Hi @jibecfed ! So I drew some sketches - it's all kinds of translation icon, check them out: http://imgur.com/a/JRYPc
For now the ones in the orange frames seem to be the best to me - they are pretty versatile and can easily be kept in the same style + it involves people.

Let me know what you think and if we can go on with this concept or if something else caught you attention. Thanks!

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thank you for this work! (sorry for late answer)

I like bubbles, it make it more related to languages.
If you write some words, non-english text should be highlighted (English language should be secondary)

About oranges shapes:

  • having someone with one hand up and a sign in the heart may be misunderstood,
  • coordinator image looks like a teacher and not a coach,
  • admin very looks like superpower guys, not related to languages either.

Can we keep the wheel idea?

Here are my suggestion:

  • coordinator image with wheel and contributors around him is quite good, but lacking language references. The message given is: I help to make the team work.
  • admin may be a little silhouette at bottom left, with lot of wheels, each wheel having a language written on it ? The message is: I help to make languages teams work.
  • about translators,
    • maybe just one silhouette with a wheel on t-shirt with L10N written
    • On top of the icon "Je traduis" (french, yep I'm impartial), on right "أنا أترجم" (arabic), on bottom "I translate", on left "我翻译" (simplified Chinese). With arrows to make it like a cycle. The message is: I make connection between languages.
    • Please let me know if you have some room for other languages, there is many languages we may promote.

thanks again for your help, I'll answer quicker!

@mleonova any updates on this one?

this is still on @mleonova 's radar as per today's triage meeting.

Hey @jibecfed ,
I've created couple sketches. I experimented with the idea of characters that have cogwheel heads, can you check that out? The coordinator sketch still misses something language-y, but we can work in some kind of greetings or other stuff.

Let me know what do you think.

@modry I think your sketches are awesome. Can you do some digitial mockups?

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Metadata Update from @modry:
- Issue assigned to modry (was: mleonova)

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Metadata Update from @modry:
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This indeed looks great!

Hi @jibecfed .
I tried to elaborate on the sketches and I came up with these simple designs. These are the three stages I went through, I was trying to make it as simple as possible, so they will work well as icons.
Lemme know that you think :blush:

I love it thank you :)

I think we should go for n°1, n°2/11 and n°6.

N°1 : can you make the labels higher to it don't do a cicle on the background? But something more related to juggling?
N°2/11 : can we take 2 and add the text from 11th?
N°6: great, can you please keep a white background?

About N°6, if we write language/locale codes, we should be impartial, luckily, we just finished a one week translation Fedora Activity Day.
Top 12 for "website" (from 1st to 12th) : es, fr, uk, ca, cs, pt-BR, pl, sv, it, sk, ja, zh-CN
Top 12 for "priority packages" (from 1st to 12th) : pl, es, cs, fr, sv, uk, pt-BR, it, ca, zh-CN, de, nl

Unless someone come with a better idea, I suggest to only pick priority packages list because it includes some websites.
I personally would have wished to add others languages codes, but to prevent any disputes, I think we should keep a simple and neutral rule.

Details are available on https://fedora.zanata.org/version-group/view/PriorityPackages and https://fedora.zanata.org/version-group/view/web/


  • N°1: should have "L10n" & "Translator" written somewhere
  • N°2/11: shoud have "L10n" & "Coordinator" written somewhere
  • N°6: shoud have "L10n" & "Admin" written somewhere
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