#32 T-shirts for active contributors of Translation group
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We have now approval from Fedora Council for T-shirt budget. Lets plan further discussion on printing and distribution.


@aeng has provided list for members who are eligible for T-shirt (500+ string in last year) at https://fedorahosted.org/council/ticket/69#comment:16

As discussed in last meeting we are adding few more names for people who are helping to coordinating things including FAD, Test day etc.

This issue has been moved to Pagure.io council project now.

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3 years ago

Just a follow up on this ticket: t-shirts are ready to be shipped. We thought to attach even a letter (saying them thank you) with the t-shirt that will be shipped to each contributor individually.

Finally all t-shirt were sent! A good logistic and coordination challenge.
Thank you to everyone who helped here!

My feedback is as follow:

  • Collecting addresses consumes a lot of time! We should find an easier way to collect it next time, and have a clean deadline,
  • We should request money for a future even and not a past event,
  • A blog post to advertise this reward would be much welcome.

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3 years ago

Good feedback. 👍

  • For future events - May be like top contributors for year 2018 (Jan-Dec)
  • @jibecfed are you planning for blogpost? or may be @jonatoni can help into it.

For collecting address may be we can run survey kind of thing. Only those complete survey will be considered.

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