Fedora Diversity

Welcome to the Pagure repo for the Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Team.


The goal of this diversity initiative is to help promote an inclusive community within Fedora. To do this, we assist the Diversity Advisor with planning and implementation of diversity efforts such as enabling more ways for contributors from underrepresented groups to get involved with Fedora, working on better understanding our contributor community, organizing annual, virtual events such as Fedora Women Day, and more. More information can be found on the Fedora Diversity and Inclusion and Diversity Adviser wiki pages.

What to do here

This repository is mostly used as a task manager / tracker for the Diversity and Inclusion Team to collaborate on the various tasks we're working on, which you can see here. You can also file a ticket for anything related to diversity efforts in Fedora or needing the attention of the Diversity Adviser.

Tickets planned for the next meeting are found here!

Where to find us

If you're looking for other places to get in contact or participate with the Diversity and Inclusion Team, you can find us in the following places.