This repository is deprecated and set to read-only.

The Fedora DEI Team moved to GitLab in 2023. This repository was split into two repositories for a task tracker and our documentation.


I need to open a new ticket with the DEI Team. Where should I open it?

Do you have a new request for the Fedora DEI Team? Visit the new team issue tracker on GitLab. A list of ongoing issues can be found. Check if your new request relates to an ongoing issue. If not, open a new issue.

Using GitLab will improve response time as the DEI Team adapts its task-tracking workflows to GitLab.

I already have a GitLab account but I cannot open a new issue or comment on existing issues.

You need to either link an existing GitLab account to your FAS account or make a new GitLab account via FAS.

To link an existing GitLab account, first sign into your GitLab account. Then, use this special URL to link your GitLab and FAS accounts together. After linking, you will be able to participate fully in Fedora GitLab discussions and issues.

To create a new GitLab account via FAS, use the special URL above and you will be prompted to create a GitLab account.

I already opened an issue here on Pagure. Do I need to take any action?

This repository is now set to read-only. Closed issues from the past remain here as an historical archive. Once tooling is available, Pagure issues will eventually be imported into a read-only GitLab repo for easier referencing from a GitLab workflow.

How to contact the DEI Team

The Fedora DEI Team uses the following communication platforms:

The Discourse forum is best for asynchronous communication. This means it is best for questions or topics that someone may respond to later. It is better for longer, threaded discussions.

The Matrix room is best for synchronous communication. This means it is best for quick feedback, like a conversation. It is helpful for real-time discussions or getting someone's attention more quickly.