#217 NEST 2020 CommOps Loves Metrics Hack Session
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Hello everyone:

I propose this objective:

Create our first "CommOps Random Metrics" in CommBlog

For this, We can need to use/update/adapt our current toolbox scripts

I make many "first issues" on the code of geofp and the gsoc-stats port to python3 FedoraCommunityStats repositories.

Some cool topics for the post can be:

  • Fedora Community general stats
  • Fedora Packagers
  • Diversity and Inclusion team

I attached some FAS data as an example.

Thanks in advance for help in this hack session.


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Tickets #218 and #219 were created at the Metrics hackfest as a result of our discussion. I propose we close this ticket as complete, and move new discussion to those tickets.

What do you think? Is it okay if I close as complete @bt0dotninja @bee2502 @nasirhm?

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