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Is a Python Class than query the Fedora Account System and get Geographical data from groups and Fedora ASK
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GEOFP is a Python Class that queries the Fedora Account System and gets geographical data from groups in Fedora ASK.


Python 3

pip3 - comes with Python 3

Virtual Environment (pip3 install virtualenv)


To set-up a new virtual environment, run virtualenv geofp

Mac OS / Linux

Enter source geofp/bin/activate to activate virtual environment.



Enter the cmd deactivate whenever you want to exit virtual environment.

While in projects root directory, run pip3 install -r requirements.txt. If you get an error regarding fedora, run pip3 install python-fedora.

It's recommended that you run the program with jupyter-notebook to be able to view the maps: pip3 install jupyter

Create a file name myconfig.cfg. Copy the content of myconfig.cfg.example and paste in myconfig.cfg. Enter your FAS credentials in the file.

In your terminal, run enter jupyter notebook. A new window should open in your browser at http://localhost:8888

For samples, open a new terminal in the jupyter web app. Run python fedora_all_example.py to see a plot map and heat map of all active users in the year 2020. sample-plot-fedorians

python fedora_join_example.py to see an example plot and heat map of Fedora Join team. sample-plot-fedorians


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