#219 Collect Fedora Womens Day 2020 Data and pass to geofp
Opened 2 years ago by bee2502. Modified 2 years ago

Based on CommOps hack session at Nest when we were talking about FWD organizing, we want to better understand FWD attendees by location.


Action items

Collaborate with D&I team to collect data for FWD 2020

  • We can try to collect FAS IDs through Fedora Badges
  • We can possibly collect other data dependant on the platform eg. polls via Hoppin etc

Once we have the data, we can discuss more on the metrics & visualizations

Metadata Update from @bee2502:
- Issue priority set to: waiting on external (was: awaiting triage)
- Issue tagged with: type - inclusion, type - metrics

2 years ago

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