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#110 Fedora Appreciation Week 2017

Created a year ago by jflory7
Modified 20 days ago

Originally discussed in fedora-commops#92, Fedora Diversity FAD 2017, fedora-diversity#4.


For one week during the year, Fedora contributors would have a special event where they are encouraged to give their thanks and appreciation to other contributors in Fedora.


If you want the full background of everything, I would recommend going through the three links at the top of the ticket, or poking around the references at the bottom. This new ticket intends to bring all of the current information together and refocus for organizing a Fedora Appreciation Week this year.

The goal is to celebrate a week of appreciation for the contributors who help make Fedora what it is. This can be from a development, infrastructure, marketing, engineering, or any relevant standpoint. During this time of appreciation, users and contributors alike would be highly encouraged to select either a single or group of contributors to thank for their efforts in the Project.

There is a long-term and short-term component to this ticket. The long-term vision is better explained here. This ticket is looking more short-term at what we have to do in order to complete this in 2017.


  • Date range: 2017 July 24-30 [???]


A few links for browsing or reading more.

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a year ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue priority set to: minor (3-4 weeks)
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 27 (to Nov. 2017)
- Issue tagged with: help wanted, outreach

Discussed in 2017-09-13 meeting.

Current status

A lot of the Appreciation Week is still abstract (or not very well-defined). To move forward on this, we want to come up with some concrete action items to work on over the next few months to move forward on the event. During the meeting, we agreed on some planning updates for this year.


  • Monday, November 6th, 2017 to Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Participation idea: Twitter

Before, there was an idea about a wiki page as a "wall". On this wall, anyone could leave friendly comments or compliments to specific Fedora contributors, to teams or sub-projects, or to the project in general. However, there's complications with using the wiki without being CLA+1 and it's also not intuitive.

Instead, we figured a lot of people are already on Twitter / other social networks, we could use a hashtag and encourage people to post their thanks / appreciation onto a social network using the hashtag. We could then sort through all of the posts using the hashtag and display them or make a word cloud.

Choosing a hashtag

We briefly discussed a hashtag we could choose for the event. The popular two choices during the meeting were:

  • #WeAreFedora2017
  • #WeAreFedora27

I prefer the one with the year because this is an annual event independent from the release cycles, and there's also a chance that F27 could be delayed another week, which would leave us running the event during F26.


We briefly discussed the idea of having a badge to award people who use the hashtag on a public social network to say thanks. This would probably be a manual task, where CommOps team members monitor major social networks using the hashtag and award the badge, or an individual comes to us with a link to their post to get the badge.

We decided to revisit this at a later meeting, after other details are finalized.

Community Blog post

In early October, we agreed to run a Community Blog post to promote the event and get it onto peoples' calendars. The article would have some basic information like when the Appreciation Week will be, what you can do to give thanks, and mention things like the hashtag. Ideally between 400-500 words.

This is currently an open item, but we wanted to follow up with either @x3mboy or @cprofitt to see if they might have the cycles to help. I know @cprofitt had an interest in helping before. We'll revisit this at the next meeting.






Short and helps us trend


Shorter than the proposals and reusable

Tweets are short and we're asking for a thoughtful appreciation.


Short and helps us trend
Shorter than the proposals and reusable

I am +1 for WeAreFedora if we want to go for a reusable hashtag. It was mainly from a metrics point of view that we wanted to add the year or fedora release.

I am -1 for Fedora as a hashtag. People can tag the public Fedora social media account so it can be linked to us. As a hashtag, it can be too noisy - with the fedora hat and different other meanings/ use cases for the word or with generalized fedora tweets.

Tweets are short and we're asking for a thoughtful appreciation.

It depends on how eloquent people want to be. We can suggest people to use multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Google Plus etc. some which offer more writing space than others. Additionally, we can suggest that they can also tweet with URLs if they write blog posts thanking someone with a small intro.

Social media platforms will help us measure the activity and impact without requiring too much infrastructure for this year. However, we need to decide on the platforms and promote them in our CommOps blog post accordingly - for people to use them and for us to be able to measure it later on.

@x3mboy Also suggested having something like a Happiness Packet Challenge during the Fedora Appreciation week to engage more people with the event.

More info - https://blog.justinwflory.com/2017/04/happiness-packets-challenge/

Action items for this ticket as decided in the meeting today:
(1) By Oct 2. Suggest and vote on event details like platform for event, hashtag, date etc via ticket.
(2) By mid Oct Have a CommBlog post about Fedora Appreciation Week 2017
(3) Event takes place in Novemeber tentatively from Monday, November 6th, 2017 to Sunday, November 12th, 2017

+1 for WeAreFedora

And I suggest "#OneFedorian<3YourWork" for thinks like:

#OneFedorian<3YourWork @bee2502 thanks for helping in ...
#OneFedorian<3YourWork in Commops @jflory7 ...

I know this hashtag is too long but i don't have another idea :grin:

0 for #Fedora is too general

+1 for #WeAreFedora2017

We can suggest people to use multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Google Plus etc. some which offer more writing space than others. Additionally, we can suggest that they can also tweet with URLs if they write blog posts thanking someone with a small intro.

This is a great idea. Even with a longer hashtag, people won't be restricted by the writing space on Twitter.

A huge +1 for this.

7 months ago

Metadata Update from @bee2502:
- Issue tagged with: meeting

7 months ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue untagged with: meeting
- Issue priority set to: no deadline (was: minor (3-4 weeks))
- Issue set to the milestone: Future releases (was: Fedora 27 (to Nov. 2017))

4 months ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 28 (to May 2018) (was: Future releases)
- Issue tagged with: Community Blog, FAD, Flock, GSoC, Marketing, meeting

Discussed at the CommOps 2018 FAD.

Quick recap

We revisited Fedora Appreciation Week and mapped out a plan to implement a first run in 2018. The emphasis during the FAD was to create a realistic, short-term plan to launch the event this year.


  • Ensure lasting, healthy contributions
  • Lower burnout probability
  • Build on top of the "Friends" foundation


  • Contributor stories: Tell us a story about someone whom you think is awesome at what they do in Fedora + interesting tidbits
  • [GSoC] Fedora-hosted Happiness Packets website
  • Fedora Appreciation Week event
  • Giving karma cookie


Contributor stories

  • Create guidelines / template for stories
  • Suggest someone in Fedora community whom you think they are awesome at what they do + add a fun fact about them (optional)
  • CommBlog article: Intro, asking for stories (call to action)
  • Collect stories
  • Review submissions, group if necessery (determine format)
  • Write / compile posts, schedule (call to action)
  • Fedora Appreciation Week

Fedora Appreciation Week

  • Meeting topics:
    • Monthly "spam": CommBlog (direct + indirect posts), mailing lists, GSoC, personal blogs, 1x1 pings
    • Giving Karma cookie badge

(A more detailed timeline is on the Etherpad linked at the top.)

Action items

Discussed in 2018-02-19 meeting.


@bee2502 drafted the Appreciation Week template and we approved it during the meeting.

I plan to add the template to the contributor-stories repo next. I need to learn how to do this.


@bt0dotninja volunteered to write a draft post to introduce the contributor stories. The article should have three pieces and be somewhere between 300-500 words:

  1. What are Contributor Stories?
  2. Why are we doing them? (hinting to Appreciation Week)
  3. How to submit a story (might need some more discussion, but okay to leave a little vague for now)

A first draft is due by Monday, Feb. 26, 2018.


This is keeping us to our timeline discussed in the FAD for February.


here the first (and quick) draft:


I will update it after the meeting when i have a more clear idea about how to submit the story and his format

P.D: sorry for the delay :disappointed:

Discussed in 2018-03-19 meeting.

Contributor stories intro

@bt0dotninja wrote an introduction to the contributor stories idea for Fedora Appreciation Week, as mentioned above. Please review the draft and share any feedback on the article here in this ticket.

Any requests for feedback are due by our next meeting on Monday, March 26, 2018. After that, we will schedule it for publishing.

FAW story template

I need to add the story submission template to the contributor-stories repository. Someone who files an issue (i.e. story) on the repo will see the template. I aim to do this by next week's meeting, so this will not block the contributor stories intro article.

2 months ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue untagged with: Flock, Marketing, help wanted
- Issue assigned to jflory7
- Issue priority set to: critical (next week) (was: no deadline)

Discussed in 2018-03-26 meeting.

We briefly revisited this today. We still have the same two actions as above to move forward.

Contributor stories intro

@bt0dotninja will share a request for review on the CommOps mailing list this week.

FAW story template

The template and a README for the repository are both due on Monday, April 2, 2018.

I passed up this task because I have a lot on my plate now (I still need to ship the FAD report and CommOps Year in Review). @wesleyotugo and @bt0dotninja are tag-teaming to add the template from the Etherpad into the contributor-stories repository.

There is documentation on how to do this in Pagure. Both @wesleyotugo and @bt0dotninja should have access to do this.

@x3mboy is also going to submit a PR to the contributor-stories repo to add a README.

Both the template and the README are due to be complete by the next CommOps meeting on Monday, April 2, 2018.

2 months ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue assigned to wesleyotugo (was: jflory7)
- Issue set to the milestone: Future releases (was: Fedora 28 (to May 2018))

@jflory7 @pingou Template for Issues does not work, i.e it does not show up when creating a new issue

@wesleyotugo @pingou @jflory7 @bt0dotninja I have added the template as reflected in the etherpad. Please retest.

@bex Thanks! this works now. How did you do it?

@bex Thanks! this works now. How did you do it?

Please see: https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/ticket_templates.html

Tested (Works) Many thanks @bex @wesleyotugo

Edited 2 months ago by bt0dotninja

The ticket template is live – the ball is back in my court to review @bt0dotninja's article to announce the contributor stories.

2 months ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue assigned to jflory7 (was: wesleyotugo)

Discussed in 2018-04-02 meeting.

Oops, I forgot to comment here this morning. In the meeting, we mostly did a quick check-in on this ticket.


The repo for collecting contributor stories is now set up and ready to collect new stories.

CommBlog intro

@bt0dotninja finished the draft and it is pending review. I'm hoping to review this week.

I made some edits to the Contributor Stories draft and it looks good to me. I changed a few things:

  • Changed way to submit story as filing new issue on Pagure (private option)
  • Add explanation of how we plan to use these stories
  • Add plug to get involved and participate

Would we want to publish this later this week or the next?

+1 I also revamped this article to create the README file in the Contributor's Stories' Pagure

Discussed in 2018-04-23 meeting.

The Contributor Stories introduction is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 08:30 UTC. Feedback can be incorporated before the publishing time. When published, it will be available here:


Discussed in 2018-04-30 meeting.

Planned outreach for contributor stories

The contributor stories introduction article publishes Tuesday, May 1, 2018. To support the article, we will do extra outreach to help make the article more visible.

I will help with Twitter and rounding up some others to socialize the post on Facebook / G+ / etc.

@jonatoni will help with Instagram.

@bt0dotninja will write an email to the announce@lists.fp.o mailing list.


We will do this outreach at the end of this week (e.g. Friday, May 4) or at the start of next week. Fedora 28 releases tomorrow, May 1st, so it's unlikely anything we share tomorrow will be seen.

20 days ago

Metadata Update from @jflory7:
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 29 (to Oct. 2018) (was: Future releases)

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