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Stories about community members to show our appreciation for their contributions
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Contributor Stories

Contributor Stories are just that: the record of our best moments with our Fedora friends. The story can be about our work in Fedora or something personal or unique which you would like to share with the community. Contributor Stories are a part of Fedora Appreciation Week, starting in November 2018.


The purpose of Contributor Stories is to recognize a contributor who has impacted you at any time in Fedora. Let them know what you are thankful for and share a common memory or experience you remember. Taking the time to single out someone to give thanks is one of the best ways to make a personal impact.

This is just a simple but amazing form to show our appreciation for a team member. Openly expressing appreciation, gratitude, or happiness to other people can be difficult. This is especially true when we don't know them very well. Contributor Stories help us express many good memories and reach out to the people we appreciate.

How to submit a story?

Contributor Stories are collected as new issues in this project. To add a story, open a new issue and fill out the template.

How the stories will be used

During Fedora Appreciation Week, new Community Blog posts will be published daily with excerpts or copies of the stories. You can choose to keep your story anonymous too.