#331 Issue Tracker for F27 release blockers
Opened 3 years ago by dustymabe. Modified 2 years ago

This ticket will be used throughout the f27 release to track potential blocker bugs and/or important bugs for the next release. A blocker bug is a bug that we will choose not to release on if it is not fixed. An important bug is a bug that we want fixed but may choose not to block on.

Blocker Bugs
- BZ#1490505 cloud-init fails when calling xfs_growfs /dev/mapper/atomicos-root on Fedora Atomic Host
- BZ#1487984 SELinux is preventing passwd map access to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow
- BZ#1492145 F27AH UEFI installs drop into shim key management
- BZ#1489942 dbxtool fails at boot 'Could not apply database update "DBXUpdate-2016-08-09-13-16-00.bin": Permission denied'

Important Bugs
- ISSUE#343 automatically extend root filesystem to all available disk space for cloud images
- BZ#1497359 cloud-init: issues with ipv6 default routes when not using dhcp
- ISSUE#352 enabling quota support on root XFS filesystem
- BZ#1508900 docker login succeeds but stores wrong info in config

Over time only the description of this bug will be edited for updates. The comments of this bug will be used like a changelog for the description.

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
- Issue tagged with: F27, host

3 years ago

@dustymabe Should we close this issue as we already have Fedora 27 AH released?

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