#343 automatically extend root filesystem to all available disk space for cloud images
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by dustymabe.

Since we moved to a new model where we are only using overlay2 on top of the root filesystem (default), we need to automatically extend the root filesystem to fill up the root VG by default, unless the user modifies docker-storage-setup config file and tells us to do otherwise.

I opened a PR for this functionality to be added to container-storage-setup. The new version of that rpm is in updates-testing. We'll update the kickstarts to properly take advantage of this soon.

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3 years ago

RPM is making it to stable. PRs to enable extending the root filesystem by default in rawhide and f27:

These PRs have made it through and are now in f27. Some of the images failed last night because of infra issues, but the vagrant image succeeded and seems to show successful results. Closing this ticket.

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3 years ago

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