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#175 Fedora 24 atomic image Fedora-Atomic-24-20161025.0.x86_64.qcow is not allowing ssh    4 2 days ago kushal unassigned
#173 Fedora Cloud Base Vagrant Boxes Don't Allow Vagrant User To su To Other Users    meeting 13 days ago skuznets unassigned
#170 Finish new Fedora Cloud PRD    3 meeting on-hold 2 months ago jberkus jberkus
#169 Spec for IRC bot to notify about blockers    3 meeting 2 months ago jberkus unassigned
#166 RFE : vagrant user with id=1000    2 months ago langdon unassigned
#165 Reimbursement for the Cloud FAD    10 3 months ago kushal unassigned
#163 root user not enabled on vagrant cloud image    4 months ago dustymabe unassigned
#162 Milestones, components need updating    4 months ago jberkus unassigned
#160 Ship fedora-motd in F24 atomic image    4 meeting 4 months ago rtnpro kushal
#158 Proposed website changes for Cloud Base → Atomic Host switch    2 meeting 5 months ago mattdm unassigned
#154 make Fedora Atomic download page clearer    4 meeting on-hold 6 months ago jberkus jberkus
#153 design, deploy and document Fedora OpenShift Playground (FOSP)    17 meeting 6 months ago goern jberkus
#149 Include nano or joe editors in Atomic Host base image    1 7 months ago jberkus unassigned
#138 Produce updated cloud base images monthly    12 a year ago dustymabe kushal
#136 vagrant boxes fixups    6 meeting a year ago dustymabe imcleod
#133 Hand off Atlas release process for vagrant boxes to releng    1 a year ago dustymabe dustymabe
#132 Fedora AMIs should use corresponding s3 mirrors    3 a year ago voltagex unassigned
#128 Extra ifcfg file in the cloud base image    1 a year ago kushal kushal
#127 Working with the Server WG    5 a year ago roshi unassigned
#125 Fedora-Dockerfiles examples for Kubernetes    8 a year ago scollier jberkus
#121 Migrate Dockerfiles to systemd, update for Fedora:latest, clean up READMEs    14 a year ago scollier jzb
#93 Getting sha256sum published for the cloud images    13 2 years ago kushal unassigned
#32 Remove uboot-tools from cloud base package set    2 years ago mattdm unassigned
#12 send list of packages on cloud images to spot for change from %doc to %license    5 2 years ago mattdm unassigned