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This is the Fedora Atomic WG
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Fedora Atomic Working Group

This Pagure space is used to track tickets and various work items for the Fedora Atomic Working Group (Previously known as the Fedora Cloud WG).

Atomic WG Virtual Fedora Activity Days (VFAD)

Currently the Atomic WG holds a VFAD every 2 Months, the dates of which can be seen as Milestones in the Roadmap.

VFAD Workflow process

  • An Atomic WG member will create a Pagure Roadmap Milestone for each Virtual FAD
  • Items that we want to accomplish in that VFAD that we groom in the meeting before the VFAD will be assigned to that milestone.
  • Tickets for the VFAD will be given the NEW Label when they are assigned to the VFAD's Milestone during the grooming session in the meeting.
  • On the day of the VFAD, at the point in time someone wants to work on a ticket, the NEW Label is removed, the IN_PROGRESS Label is applied, and the Ticket Assignee should be updated to whomever is working on the Ticket. Once a Ticket is complete: the IN_PROGRESS label should be removed, and the Ticket Closed. This will leave it in the Milestone of the VFAD but mark it as Closed, effectively both completing it and archiving it.