#12119 F41 System-wide change: Perl 5.40
Opened 22 days ago by jplesnik. Modified 15 days ago


I'd like you to review the system-wide change proposal I made.

This will require a side tag (prefered name f41-perl) for me to do the rebuilds. I know that I could create the side tag by myself. However, there will be a large number of packages (more then 600) and I would like to ask relengs for help to avoid complications with merge and bodhi update.

perl-5.40.0's official release will probably occur on end of May 2024.

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22 days ago

We will need to rebuild the kernel in the side tag, because kernel-tools was added to kernel.
However, I am not sure how to do it, because I don't have permission for it.

As always, please coordinate with Python side tag, so we don't clash with you. Currently, we plan to start building in our side tag next week.

@churchyard The final release of Perl 5.40 should probably appear at the end of this week. So, I hope I would be able to start with rebuild next week and it should take 2-3 days including merge.

It will be useful to have creates Perl side tag f41-perl this week.

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