#12131 Side tag for Perl 5.40
Closed: Fixed 20 days ago by jnsamyak. Opened 21 days ago by jplesnik.

For which release?


Name of the side tag? (Generally fxx-pkg)


Number of builds that are expected in the side tag?


How long do you need the side tag?

approximately 2-4 weeks

Any extra information?

Please enable signing for the side tag so merging will be faster.
I am doing this as part of Perl 5.40 Change.

Thank you.

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21 days ago

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21 days ago

Hi @jplesnik,

Thanks for opening the issue, the creation is done via:

$ koji add-tag f41-perl --parent=f41-build --arches=i686,x86_64,aarch64,ppc64le,s390x
$ koji add-target f41-perl f41-perl

For the signing purpose, I have added into the #12130 PR in ansible as soon as we get a +1 and it merges, the signing should be enabled!
PR: https://pagure.io/fedora-infra/ansible/pull-request/2038

The side tag has been created, and the PR has been merged which enables signing! Closing this issue, but in case there is any issues, please reopen it.


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20 days ago

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