#461 Tracker ticket: upstream contributions
Opened 2 years ago by ankursinha. Modified 2 years ago

If we do write a paper etc. sometime, it'll be good to include what contributions we've made upstream. Tracking them generally also just helps us all know if any packages are waiting on upstream etc.

So if you file issues upstream or send patches/pull requests and so on, please drop a comment here.


Gone through my GitHub history and found these to start with (probably going backwards in time):

PR’s merged:

PR’s merged manually, or rewritten by upstream:

PR’s declined by upstream:

PR’s pending review:

Open issues:

Closed issues — “won’t fix”:

Resolved issues:

(Updated 2022-02-03.)

Did a quick search through all our repos, so this is a superset and may include stuff mentioned in comments that is now outdated:

To get this list, checkout all out repos using the scripts here: https://pagure.io/neuro-sig/NeuroFedora/blob/main/f/package-list and then run something like: rg -g "*.spec" -N "github.*(issues|pull)" | sort -h

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