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I had some time so I sketched up a brochure cover, and I wanted to see if it might be something that the NeuroFedora group could use. The design is just random, so if you have any suggestions or changes, I am open to any design changes. This is just the outside cover, the inside I was thinking would have a list of current software that is available, as well as announcing the F31 neurofedora spin and new install group.

Lmk what you think and if there's any graphics we might need for blog posts or social media, please feel free to let me know and I will sketchup something based on your suggestions and I can either post it here or somewhere else, that you might suggest.

Thanks for your time and feedback!


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a year ago

Looks very good to me. I'm no designer/marketer though. So, I always tend to run these things by the design and marketing teams----there are trademark and logo guidelines to be followed, and there is a Fedora colour palette too. So, to give a consistent branding experience etc, sometimes they need to tweak things a bit:


Yes, good idea.
Maybe it worth to submit it to the design team as a starting point for a more refined work since they have more confidence with such topics (branding, fonts, colors, ...)

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a year ago

It seems like a great design @dan1mal. :D

As per our discussion in the last meeting, we all think that the brochure would be an excellent tool for PR purposes. Since the brochure will be folded twice, we will also have an extra side. So we thought that on one side, we could have information for the users, and on the other side, we can add information that encourages contribution and consider joining the team. I guess we can all work upon the written content together.

Until then, can you pursue the design team for the design-related changes (be it the logo or the color scheme)?

Thanks for the comments, I'll post on design to see if we can get some help with the color and stndardization for confirming with fedora design criteria.. I was hoping that the interior side could have information for users, but didnt know which would be best for inclusion. (software packages? mission statements? installation instructions? etc)

Sorry, been busy at bootcamp, this goes on for another couple of months (i finish jan 7) but Ill try to stop by and followup!

Best wishes to all! I miss you guys and being more active on neurofedora :pensive: but I hope afterwards Ill be of more use :grin:

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Waiting on -design, so I've tagged this as "future meeting" and "waiting on upstream" for the time being.

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10 months ago

Hello guys! I'm Smera and I've been working on this issue, along with @riecatnor. We have designed the brochure, and just need your opinion on the content now!
I need you to review all the text that I have incorporated. Please be sure that it is accurately representative of the NeuroFedora group, and if there is anything left out, let me know. Feel free to give feedback on the design as well, but not necessary. Once we get final approval, we can move these to print! :D

Edit: You can find the design ticket here: https://pagure.io/design/issue/661


Folks, please reply directly on the design ticket so that we have all discussion/comments in one place.

@smeragoel : thanks very much for working on this. I've commented on the ticket there.


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6 months ago

We've timeboxed this. NeuroFedora folks: @dan1mal , @alciregi @bt0dotninja @mhough @zbyszek @gicmo : we've got one week (till Tuesday 14th April) to comment on this. Please do so, so @smeragoel can make the necessary changes for us and we can start using the awesome brochure. :clap:

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