#661 Request for help with designing a Neuro Fedora brochure
Opened 22 days ago by dan1mal. Modified 22 days ago


Designing a informational brochure for neuro fedora similar to "Fedora loves python"


For the marketing of the group and reaching out to neuroscience groups


We're hoping for something like 8 1/2" x 11" tri folding, information for the software/group inside and info on joining and some splash images on the outside.

I mocked up an idea, but after i posted to neurofedora pagure, it was pointed out to me that there were issues with color scheme and perhaps fonts/design. I am NOT attached to design at all and just wanted to setup a basic idea so creative license is encouraged.

The discussion on NeuroFedora sig about this proposal is Issue #301 Text will be worked out in the future, perhaps the Ipsum Lorem text could be used for placeholders.

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