#21 package changes
Opened 3 years ago by ktdreyer. Modified 3 years ago

@tkopecek you made some reference to wanting to package koji-tools differently within the RPM. I'd like to help make those changes, and then get koji-tools into Fedora and EPEL.

What specific changes do you want to see to https://pagure.io/koji-tools/blob/master/f/koji-tools.spec

I would like to create subpackages for plugins. Now we have two candidates for plugins one hub and one cli. While second one needs more work to be rewritten as plugin, first one is pretty ready.

I would like to create koji-tools-[hub|builder]-plugins and python[23]-koji-tools-cli-plugins modelled upon koji's corresponding packages. (while only koji-tools-hub-plugins makes sense to enable for now).

...and #20 for CLI also makes sense

Since koji-tools does not have any hub/builder/cli plugins in the repository today, are you ok with me submitting this as-is, and then we can restructure it later as koji-tools develops?

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