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Supplementary tools and utilities for the Koji build system
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Supplementary tools and utilities for the Koji build system

  • koji-buildroots-with-build - list all the buildroots that contain a particular build.

  • koji-builds-in-common - Compare builds between multiple tags. Report builds and packages in common.

  • koji-cancel-broken-builds - Cancel "running" builds without any tasks.

  • koji-change-volumes - Move builds to volumes according to a policy

  • koji-check-builds - Run various sanity-checks on builds stored within Koji

  • koji-compare-buildroots - Compare the contents of the buildroots of two builds, and print out their differences in a readable format.

  • koji-compare-tags - Compare builds between 2 or more tags. Print out builds and packages in common.

  • koji-find-hidden-packages - Find and print the "hidden" packages of the given tag

  • koji-get-rpm-fields-in-build - Specify a build and an RPM field and this script will print out that field from the SRPM for that build. Useful for comparing changelogs or reviewing licenses.

  • koji-get-rpm-fields-in-tag - Specify a Koji tag and an RPM field and this script will print out that field from the SRPM for each build in that tag. Useful for comparing changelogs or reviewing licenses.

  • koji-inheritance-replace - Replace one parent tag with another parent tag.

  • koji-list-built-with - List all the builds that had a given build in the buildroot.

  • koji-prune-save-failed-tree - Cronjob for cleaning saveFailedTree tasks.

  • koji-prune-scratch - Sample cronjob for cleaning scratch build data

  • koji-prune-work - Sample cronjob for cleaning work directories

  • koji-remove-arch - Globally remove an architecture from all tags in Koji.

  • koji-remove-stray-build - Remove stray build content. Useful for cleaning up build artifacts that have no records in Koji, or are Failed, Deleted, or Canceled.

  • koji-clean-repos - Rapidly removes repos marked deleted from disk. This script is not needed in normal operation. It was written to clean up after an issue with kojira left a large number of deleted repos on disk.

  • koji-rpmdiff - Show differences between packages

  • koji-search-containers - Search container image builds for an RPM build.

  • koji-show-tag-space - Show the disk space statistics for builds in a tag

  • koji-ssl-admin - Generates various SSL certificates

  • koji-tag-overlap - Show package overlaps for a set of tags

  • kojitop - Show the tasks each builder is working on

  • koji-dump-hosts - Write current host data to a file

  • koji-restore-hosts - Restore host data from a file

  • koji-multitag - Perform multiple tag actions on multiple builds


koji-tools is low-barrier repository of various scripts related to usage and administration scripts related to koji. Feel free to submit any script, which can be useful for others. Mature scripts can be also promoted to koji itself either as plugins or as part of the base koji.

Pull requests submitted to this repository will generally go through review of one of the koji core developers and will be merged, if there is no significant issue with them. They should follow Koji's programming guidelines, but it is not strictly required.

Scripts which should move to base koji are under harder scrutiny. They should be ready to land there, contain basic tests, etc. Filing an issue in koji is good place to start. We can help you to get that code in the shape, when it will be in pull request.

Thanks for contributions!


There are no official releases made from this repo. Users usually pull it via git and use directly. We're not planning to make official releases of this repo in near future.