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#87 Comments on certain users

Created 6 years ago by xcromwell
Modified a year ago

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My IRC nick is: MarkGreenwood_ ( Sometimes Mark_ )

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I tried many times to get help easily in the IRC support channel but unfortunately what I get instead doesn't always come with a positive or helpful responce. I always try to be as clear and descriptive as possible with my problems and am always very polite. As an example, I have this question that I posted today but without any responce. "[06:40] <markgreenwood_> Hello everyone ! So I am using F16 with GNOME 3.2 and a dual monitor setup. I changed my primary display with xrandr and run the command everytime I log in. That works "fine" but I have some problem with Firefox. When I start it, it always starts in my other monitor (!=primary) and when I want to listen to a video in fullscreen, it also plays in my other monitor. Is there any way to define which dislay is default like in Ubuntu ?"

My questions are usually fairly simple and for an experienced and WILLING user should be very easy to fix/help. Though I don't get help often. In a recent encounter about a day ago, I tried to get help with some faulty ATI drivers on Fedora 16 and I was told to go away and such. Users involved were EvilBob and another which I don't remember the nick. I find this kind of happens quite often while trying to get help with simple questions. Wierd ?

That said, I do get very good help also quite often from the community, which is absolutely amazing. Without all the great willing people like xaphir, I could not use Fedora at it's best !

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EvilBob, xaphir
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Thanks for your feedback!

May I also add that my native language is NOT english I may not be as clear as a true english person would be but I do think I make some kind of sense. ( PS.: I'm french Canadian )

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I am sorry you felt I was obligated to help you, I am not nor are you entitled to any help. If I had known of your affiliation to SILO and especially xaphir(eldric). You have directed people to xaphir's channel in to past for help, why don't you get help there also?

I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Replying to [comment:2 bjensen]:

I lost some text there, "If I had known of your affiliation to SILO and especially xaphir(eldric) I would not have bothered to acknowledge you at all. I've no interested in your games or theirs."

Thanks for the feedback!

A few questions/observations:

a) I don't think your dual monitor question is "fairly simple". Did you get it solved?

b) Were the 'faulty ati drivers' the amd/ati 'catalyst' ones? Those are closed source and not shipped by Fedora. While we can try and help as best we can with them, they are really outside our area. ;(

c) You mention "xaphir". Did they answer your question? What was their answer?

d) Sometimes there is not anyone around who knows the answer to specific questions. In those cases you simply need to try again later, or try alternate support options (forums, mailing lists, amd/ati forums, google, etc).

Thanks again for the feedback.

Thanks for your feedback. Feel free to re-open if you have further suggestions or would like to answer the questions above.

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