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IRC support sig for Fedora. (#fedora, #fedora-ops, #fedora-social and #fedora-unregistered)
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IRC support sig for Fedora. (#fedora, #fedora-ops, #fedora-social and #fedora-unregistered)

Welcome to irc-support-sig

fedora's support ticket system

This site is to help/assist users and participants of the #fedora @ to discuss issues on how the channel is run.

If you are a user of #fedora and has an issue you would like to address with the Ops and administrators of the #fedora channel this is the place do so. This is NOT the place to file BUGS and ask questions about how to use Fedora. Please direct those to the channel or support mailing lists.

To create a ticket you must have a username/password. Please go to FAS Signup and sign up an account and login prior to creating a feedback ticket. Before you post

  • Please consult the FAQ before you post any issues. Read it, understand it, live by it.
  • Remember what you write is public. Please keep your writings so that your grandmother could read it without getting upset.
  • To bring an issue to the attention of the OPs in the channel, use @ops "reason" in the channel. This will alert the OPs about your issue and someone will get with you or address the issue directly.

What to Post

  • Kudos/Compliments. If someone behaved exemplary and helped you to solve a solution we want to know! For volunteers the best reward is kudos.
  • Complaints about a user. If a certain user has personally attacked you or otherwise behaved so you don't feel welcome in #fedora
  • Complaints about an OP. If you were corrected, kicked or banned and you don't think it was justified.

How to Post

  • Issues are created per incident. Once logged in, the top toolbar shows a "New Issue" link. Use that to create feedback.
  • If the feedback is about a particular person in the channel, assign the ticket to that person's nick.
  • If you want to add channel logs as part of the feedback, there are two ways: Attach the logfile to the ticket after you have created it Use
     around the text so the text will not wrap around 

What NOT to Post