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If the developers have uploaded one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

The CHECKSUMS file contains the checksums (SHA256 and SHA512) of the files uploaded to pagure.

To use this file, simply download it next to the tarball you downloaded and run

sha512sum -c CHECKSUMS

Added ------ Robert-André Mauchin (1): Disable Markdown files installation
Added ------ Robert-André Mauchin (1): Fix goname generation to match versioning guildelines
Maxwell G (2): Add RPM generator for bundled Provides
Luca Boccassi (1): rpm/macros.d: use linkmode=external Maxwell G (3): Stop using deprecated %__global_ldflags macro. srpm/go.lua meta: Set `%gourl` after `forge.meta` call Introduce %golang_arches_future and stop using %go_arches
Maxwell G (1): Undefine _auto_set_build_flags in %gocheck definition Robert-André Mauchin (1): Add missing expand
Tom Stellard (3): Revert "Fix gotest ldflags invocation" Revert "Fix build failures due to" Try again to fix build failures due to
Release 3.0.8, sync with redhat-rpm-config-130 • 4 years ago
Release 3.0.7, sync with redhat-rpm-config description filtering changes • 4 years ago
Release 3.0.4, very close to be used in Fedora • 4 years ago
Make it closer to be used by Fedora. • 5 years ago