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rpm automation to simplify the creation of Go language (Golang) packages
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The go-rpm-macros project provides files needed to automate Go (Golang) rpm packaging:

  • default filesystem locations,
  • architecture-specific settings,
  • dependency automation (Provides, Requires, BuildRequires),
  • macros to simplify and standardize Go spec files, for all rpm build stages, including the srpm stage,
  • documented templates to showcase how to use the result.

It uses golist to analyse Go codebases.


  1. The templates directory contains documented examples that take advantage of this automation.
  2. To deploy the project outside Fedora Linux, take a look at the corresponding spec file on src.fedoraproject.org.


go-rpm-macros is licensed under the GPL version 3 or later. The spec templates are licensed under the MIT license.