#42 Undefine _auto_set_build_flags in %gocheck definition
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@@ -330,6 +330,7 @@ 

  #                     recursive (subdirectories are excluded)

  # -r <regexp>         exclude files matching <regexp>,

  %gocheck(z:ai:b:s:vd:t:rV:T:C:B:p:g:w) %{lua:

+ rpm.undefine('_auto_set_build_flags')

  local       fedora =  require "fedora.common"

  local   processall = (rpm.expand("%{-a}") ~= "") and (rpm.expand("%{-z}") == "")

  local   myenvflags =  rpm.expand('%{?-i} %{?-v} %{?-V} %{?-T} %{?-C} %{?-B}')

Thanks for adding the expand.
Will be testing soon.

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5 months ago

I am creating a new release with this change along with the Add missing expand commit cherry-picked from your PR.