#20 Use --with-tests when running checks also.
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@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ 

  checks() {

  local goipath="${1}"

  GOPATH="${workroot}${GOPATH+:${GOPATH}}" GO111MODULE=off \

-   golist --provided --tests --package-path ${goipath} $(expandflags) |\

+   golist --provided --with-tests --package-path ${goipath} $(expandflags) |\

      while read -r -d $'\n' dir ; do

        pushd "${workroot}/src/${dir}" >/dev/null

          echo "${dir}"

Tests will be missed if they are in the same package as a main package.

For example, the package in bug 1747622 is not running any tests, but it should. They are ignored because --tests filters out the package itself, but the tests are there.

I'd like to build new golist and check that nothing broke soon, so I'd like to incorporate this in the check as well. If no-one has any objections in the next week or so, I'm just going to merge this.

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