#20 Use --with-tests when running checks also.
Opened 5 months ago by qulogic. Modified 5 months ago
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+1 -1

@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ 

  checks() {

  local goipath="${1}"

  GOPATH="${workroot}${GOPATH+:${GOPATH}}" GO111MODULE=off \

-   golist --provided --tests --package-path ${goipath} $(expandflags) |\

+   golist --provided --with-tests --package-path ${goipath} $(expandflags) |\

      while read -r -d $'\n' dir ; do

        pushd "${workroot}/src/${dir}" >/dev/null

          echo "${dir}"

Tests will be missed if they are in the same package as a main package.

For example, the package in bug 1747622 is not running any tests, but it should. They are ignored because --tests filters out the package itself, but the tests are there.