#1 -devel subpackage is build tag specific
Closed 2 years ago by nim. Opened 2 years ago by nim.

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The problem is actually in golist, not in the macros themselves.

This issue is about dealing with the consequences of golist behaviour macro-side. If the arch-specific nature of the result can’t be fixed the macros need to move the source code installation point to an arch-specific directory

The arch-specific part is not a huge problem and can be handled (just requires a mass rebuild to move existing packages to an arch-specific root, the mass rebuild works in copr)

However according to @jcajka that also means we only install the files corresponding to other (non arch-specific) build tags, so the resulting source code can not be used to build projects that need another build tag set.

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2 years ago

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This should be fixed with golist 0.10.0

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2 years ago

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