Releases 18

If the developers have uploaded one or more tarball(s), you will be able to find them in the release folder.

The CHECKSUMS file contains the checksums (SHA256 and SHA512) of the files uploaded to pagure.

To use this file, simply download it next to the tarball you downloaded and run

sha512sum -c CHECKSUMS

This adds support for the co-authors plus plugin in the new theme.
adds back the favicon
This is a new theme for the Fedora Magazine.
* Adds an additional line to the message under the comment box informing users that the Magazine is not a help forum * Darken the font colour of the search input.
Fixes a few long-standing items in the theme: * Clean up the wording for the postseries descriptions so it is easier to write a description that fits in both the postseries widget and the postseries archive page. (#9) * Increase the linespacing for headings in the post content so if a heading wraps over more than one line, it doesn't look as cramped. (#7) * Added font-awesome and now using it for the icons in the social buttons area in the top right. * Added a link to the Fedora Project instagram in the social icons area. * Restyled the blockquotes. They are no longer centered, and have less vertical padding. (#13)
This update adds support for the co-authors plus plugin for bylines. Posts with multiple authors will now show these users in the post listing on the main page, and at the top of individual posts. Note that the author bio will still just list the first author.
This adds two new features: * Boilerplate text at the top of 5tFTW posts * Boilerplate text before comments
added styles for the jetpack subscribe widget that we use • 5 years ago
Added bylines to the top of posts, and at the • 5 years ago
post metadata area in the main page post listing