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Wordpress theme for Fedora magazine
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The ./build.sh && ./preview.sh scripts let you deploy a test system in a podman container on your local PC to try out your work before you deploy. Be sure you are in the root of the cloned repository when running the commands to create and provision the container. Also be sure that you have podman installed. This will take some time.

When done, you can point your local browser at http://localhost:5055/ to see the theme in action on a test site. The container accesses the contents of the repo directly, so you can edit changes in the repository and quickly see them in action. To iterate on changes, after modifying the theme, press Ctrl+F5 (hard reload) while your browser window is in focus. If you are modifying the PHP code, it may be necessary to restart the Apache web service in the container. Restarting the Apache web service in the wordpress container can be accomplished by running the following command in anoter terminal window.

$ podman exec wordpress apachectl restart

Afer restarting the Apache web service, you should be able to refresh your browser window by pressing the F5 key to see the modifications.

When finished, press Ctrl+C in the initial terminal window to stop the container. Optionally, you can run ./clean.sh to remove the container from your system entirely.