#5 Add informative message above comment field
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Imported from #164 in the Marketing Trac.


All comments are moderated. It would be useful to inform users about this so they know that everything is manually approved and they know it might take time for their comment to appear.


"All comments are moderated. It may take some time for your first post to get through the queue. If your posts seem to never show up, please [https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/marketing contact us directly]. Please follow the [https://getfedora.org/code-of-conduct Fedora Code of Conduct] when commenting."

Good idea!

Just added this to master, had to figure out how to properly add content to that form in wordpress, but i figured out the proper way of doing that. Here is what it looks like:


Just spun up v0.06 of the theme to include this feature.

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