#1009 migrate to python3
Opened 2 years ago by sharkcz. Modified 11 months ago

Please migrate the build system to Python3 as Python2 is a no-go in newer Fedora releases.

ccing @lbalhar

How can we help with this?

Ideally, we'd move all of this content to the new system used by GetFedora (housed in the fedora-web/websites repo) and focus on getting that Python3-ized. I'm not sure we'll be able to achieve that in the timeline we want.

@thunderbirdtr, can we make do with this ticket for converting the fedora:30/python:2 tooling to fedora:latest/python:latest or should I create a new one?

@t0xic0der sure, we can use here. and decide details in next meeting

Yes. Talking about the meet, I have shared the meet invite on your f.p.o. mail alias.

I'm checking for the feasibility of front-porting the Dockerfile by seeing if the said software packages are available on fedora:latest or not (at the time of writing this, latest=34).

  1. git works.
  2. gettext works.
  3. python-genshi should be changed to python3-genshi.
  4. python-lxml should be changed to python3-lxml.
  5. python-setuptools should be changed to python3-setuptools.
  6. python-dateutil should be changed to python3-dateutil.
  7. python-dogpile-cache should be changed to python3-dogpile-cache.
  8. babel works.
  9. python-feedparser should be changed to python3-feedparser.
  10. fedfind works.
  11. python-requests should be changed to python3-requests.
  12. python2- babel should be changed to python3-babel.
  13. findutils works.
  14. make works.
  15. httpd works.

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