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#659 Screenshots for spins are out of date on spins.fp.o    1 2 days ago 2 days ago ngompa unassigned
#657 Obsolete EPEL 5 keys    easyfix 4 days ago 4 days ago robyduck unassigned
#653 Standard Abbreviated Footer    2 15 days ago 5 days ago bex unassigned
#644 Create a page for the new Python Classroom Lab    13 24 days ago 5 days ago churchyard ryanlerch
#636 Create a page for the new LXQt spin    2 months ago 2 months ago robyduck veon
#631 landing page for fedora container image    6 3 months ago 3 months ago dustymabe unassigned
#68 Fedora Media Writer should have a stable URL with the latest version    5 5 months ago 4 months ago mbriza unassigned
#66 releases.json doesn't contain Labs    1 5 months ago 5 months ago mbriza unassigned
#620 Instructions for Workstation download on Linux talk about media creator    2 5 months ago 21 days ago mattdm pfrields
#54 Fix and automate releases.json    1 5 months ago 5 months ago pfrields codeblock
#37 flocktofedora.org needs to go back to the old version    7 months ago 7 months ago jflory7 unassigned
#32 at Labs sentence "Sometimes you may encounter an issue with" is not able to translate, though spin's correspondnd sentence is translationed.    1 8 months ago 8 months ago sujiniku unassigned
#8 RFE: Developer Portal tie-in on getfedora.org/workstation    a year ago a year ago pfrields unassigned
#585 Footer floating on Schedule Page?    1 css a year ago 4 months ago decause unassigned
#579 Mention rawhide on getfedora.org    4 a year ago 2 months ago kevin unassigned
#576 Add social feeds to flocktofedora site    a year ago 4 months ago pfrields unassigned
#572 cloud/atomic: Installer ISO should be more prominent    11 a year ago 3 months ago walters unassigned
#569 arm download and verify page group images differently    1 arm.fedoraproject.org a year ago 13 days ago till unassigned
#520 fedoraproject.org thinks that I'm living in Swiss, why?    7 i18n 2 years ago 13 days ago sommerfeldt robyduck
#425 Create a link checker script    11 tools 3 years ago 13 days ago shaiton pfrields
#415 use geolocation to pick default ec2 region on getfedora page    3 getfedora.org 3 years ago 13 days ago mattdm unassigned