#262 Create a formal, written Marketing strategy document
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Having a formal, written marketing strategy document would be very helpful in keeping everyone on the same page and helping drive various initiatives around Fedora marketing. This document could include things such as:

  • Target audience / personas for the entire project
  • Strategy in term of Editions vs Labs and Spins and how we market / position them
  • Competitive information / research / messaging
  • High-level marketing strategy/goals mapped to council-determined project-wide goals
  • Enumeration of all of our marketing outlets (Fedora websites, Fedora magazine, swag, printed flyers / media, social media outlets, newsletters, etc) and the strategy / prioritization for each
  • Strategy around marketing to current / prospective users vs current / prospective contributors
  • ....

This is a big task, we're currently operating on whatever is in folks' heads and the breeze - it would be good to have something written down even if it is a draft / strawman and start to formalize this so we can collaborate and scale marketing much better.

I am just unaware of any previous incarnations / documents that may exist that have served this purpose in the past and think theyd be good to look at if we have them.

Recently the infra team migrate all the SOP documents to readthedocs.io
( https://fedora-infra-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ )
this site is linked with one repository in pagure and it is helping a lot the visibility of the docs and control in the updates, I think is a good idea do the same for manage the content

@bt0dotninja This should live somewhere at http://docs.fedoraproject.org, which has a git-based workflow similar to readthedocs.

we need generate our own documentation under the new docs.fpo schema (using Antora, etc), this ticket becomes relevant because we can re define any our activities in this new marketing executors era.

I propose use this git repo (https://pagure.io/fedora-marketing/) as home of the new documentation.

also we need do two things :

  • Research the technical requirements (this is the easy part, we can reach the docs guys and check the classroom material https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom)

  • Think and write down the content, this will be a challenge but we can do it.

There is a new issue https://pagure.io/fedora-marketing/issue/282 That is somewhat related to this one. "Standardizing social media hashtags" which could be part of the greater marketing strategy.

One challenge is how to address each of the Fedora products (Workstation, Server, CoreOS, etc). Perhaps each product needs its own strategy, which then feeds into the Fedora-level one...

One challenge is how to address each of the Fedora products (Workstation, Server, CoreOS, etc). Perhaps each product needs its own strategy, which then feeds into the Fedora-level one...

Absolutely! This is one of the reasons for the PRDs for each of the editions:

... but that's really just a first step. I'd love for that to go farther.

I thought this ticket was closed. Since the creation and the first FAD of the Mindshare committee, strategy is part of Mindshare.

That said, there had been more discussion about some stuff mentioned here:

  • Targets: #261 and #248 are related to this. It has been a super hot topic since there are so different opinions about it.
  • Location: mostly everyone agreed that this should be on docs.fp.o. There isn't anything formal about it

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