#282 Standardized Social Media Hashtags
Closed: Not possible 7 months ago by x3mboy. Opened 3 years ago by meskarune.

There should be some standard hashtags for events that people can use on social media. For example, flock2018 to share stories, photos, etc/ The advantages of this include:

  1. Better community engagement before, during and after events. There would be a known hashtag people can use to join an online conversation.
  2. Ability to easily look up hashtags and see photos and people's responses and also the ability to find and contact someone who was at an event. This could be to address any issues that were discussed online or ask for permissions for using a photo.
  3. You can track the number of posts using a certain hashtag for metrics gathering on community engagement.
  4. Its free advertising. People often look up hashtags associated with events and projects to learn more about them and see what users like themselves are saying.

For this to be effective, hashtags would need to be known and advertised at events, and someone from fedora marketing should engage with people on social media who use the hashtags.

This issue should be included in next Tuesday meeting.

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3 years ago

We discussed this in the last meeting and we agreed that we need to send this issue via email to the social media ML, so they are the ones who can take actions on this.

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3 years ago

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