#199 Welcome to Fedora Workshops
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From my perspective, alot of Fedora newcomers come in and get off-track because of how big fedora is and exploring it by ownself makes it a lot hard for people. That was the case with me too.

When fedora gets their new contributors from the in person events, that's the case too with alot of people. I was the organizer for Fedora 31 Release Party in Karachi and wasn't able create much excitement for Fedora among attendees.

How about creating a small 20 mins workshop which new comers can join and create their FAS Accounts and connect it with Pagure and telling them how they can open the issues on Welcome to Fedora.

That way we would able to keep some better track for people joining fedora and not getting lost in the space.

Conclusion : Adding Welcome to Fedora Workshop on Ideas page for Event in Fedora

It's an idea from my side, what does the team think ?

@narasim : are we asking community members to add this workshop to their events, or are we (the join sig) to do such workshops?

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3 months ago

I think both sounds good, We can add this to the Event Ideas page for Release Parties, etc. The issue with second idea (inperson Workshops by Join SiG) would not be able to provide much value to the attendees as it would be just about opening tickets about themselves and signing the CLA and FPCA addint it in other events sounds like a good idea.

+1: what page are we adding it to?

I wonder if Mindshare/Commops need to be informed/asked before the wiki page is updated since they're generally in-charge of release parties (I think?).

Awesome, I've opened the Following tickets for Commops and Diversity & Inclusion :


@ankursinha How about setting up some docs in the Join SiG about it and request the other teams to add it in their Events Resource Pack.

I've created issues on the respective Teams to add it in their Events resource pack, I think we're good to close this issue

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3 months ago

@ankursinha It would be awesome if we can add it in the Join SiG Docs and link that to Resource Packs for D&I and CommOps, What do you think ?

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3 months ago

@ankursinha It would be awesome if we can add it in the Join SiG Docs and link that to Resource Packs for D&I and CommOps, What do you think ?

Hrm, I'm not sure. These workshops are only going to be held at events, aren't they? So what is the idea behind adding it to the Fedora Join docs, given that we don't organise events?

Or are you suggesting they be added to the "standard operating procedures (SOP)"? Even then, I'm not sure if they fit there :thought_balloon:

Hmm, Makes Sense, I'm thinking of setting up some docs on in the fedora-join repo and link that to the Resource Packs for D&I & CommOps, As maintaining that here in the join repo would be much easier for us to update if needed.

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