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At Flock 2016, we discussed the idea of organizing a Diversity FAD in 2017 to help move forward in accomplishing our goals, closing out current plans, and looking ahead for the future.

Background analysis

Organizing a FAD event will require a lot of planning, brainstorming, and collaboration. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help us pull this off. A wiki stub is created for FAD Diversity 2017 on the wiki now. This was created with the Template:FAD.

One resource that will be most useful for us planning a FAD is mattdm's Fedora logic model template, or as I like to view it, the secret to plotting and planning success. I think using this tool as the framework for our planning will help us plot out what outputs we want from organizing a FAD, how that lines up with a greater, project-wide outcome, and ultimately tying it into how it impacts the Fedora Project mission.

A FAD is something we would want to plan ahead for (likely before the next fiscal year budget in March-ish), but it may make more sense to begin planning this a little farther down the line, after we tackle some of our existing action items and continue moving forward with our current objectives.

Implementation roadmap

  1. Use the logic model as a guide for planning what objectives we want to accomplish
  2. Complete and fill out a Diversity FAD-specific logic model
  3. Update wiki page for Diversity FAD based on highlights from logic model
  4. Research event location, travel options, regional conveniences, etc., to keep budget as low as possible
  5. Create proposal in a Fedora Council ticket for approval
  6. Once approved, begin making reservations / bookings
  7. Do the FAD

I can take over this one. I would only need to know the (potential) attendees list to research the cheapest location to be held. And yet, if budget is to high, I think we could do a partially online FAD as well.

@tatica Europe may make a good location if it's in the first half of 2017. From January to May, I am (currently) planning on being overseas in Croatia for a semester. It will depend on what the attendee list looks like, but Europe may require the least amount of expensive traveling.

@tatica @jflory7 , I won't be able to attend any of the event for this year. I generally do travel only once or twice in a year.
But, I can see if we can align it with Devconf in Europe next year, we will have most of the targeted attendees around and will save cost.
Another option is to do it in India, so that tatica can have better understanding of the region as well. You know "Kill two birds with one stone" :)

Just to make a note, this ticket goes along with #11 so I will put the info there as well. I think next year is a good call since we recently had Flock and I think our next event will be for people with disabilities (refer to #11) but yes, next year sounds great to me. Will take some time to talk to commops and see how we can make it possible.

Note: Europe is a bit expensive to me, but we will manage to find a viable solution :)

A pretty useful report on planning a FAD by Mo for the recent Design Team FAD in Boston. Goes without saying this team was trying to organize an event with participants from almost every continent.

so, after reading report, It seems like we should plan it well ahead of time and this is the right time to do it if we want it to be done next year first quarter or thinking to align it before devconf. I see @jflory7 already started doing FAD Diversity 2017 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Diversity_2017 . Let's start filling up the details there.

@tatica @amsharma @bee2502 @jonatoni

Firstly, big shout-out to @amsharma for all the work and mapping done on the wiki page, and an apology that it's taken me so long to get around to looking at it! I finally had chance to go through it all. I expanded on the primary and secondary goals that we wish to accomplish for this FAD and the FAQ a bit. You can read it all in the Purpose section. I'm hoping to find some time to go through the Impacts section either tonight or over this weekend. Please let me know if you have any feedback on this and if you think it accurately represents our goals and objectives for this FAD!

Keep in mind that if we want this FAD to come together for early 2017, we should set a tentative goal of having this filed as a proposal in the Fedora Council Trac before the end of September (if not earlier).

Also, I think I was talking with @bee2502 about the dates of DevConf. I hadn't realized it was in January (I thought it was later in February). This would actually be the first week of my classes and it might be difficult for me to spend too much time in Brno for this. I think Bee had doubts if she would be available too (but she wasn't sure). Would it be better to reconsider the dates and try to find another time, or maybe just consider a backup date in case DevConf falls through? We could potentially aim for later in 2017, even March or April. Alternatively, we could target OSCAL in May 2017, which is in @jonatoni's hometown. It's also five to seven hours from where I will (hopefully) be living in Europe at the time, so my travel should be minimal, outside of lodging.

I added the following checklist to the Planning Prerequisites section of the wiki page, but also pasting here for convenience. I left off completed items since there's no pretty way to render strikethrough on Pagure… yet.

  • From purposes, derive perceived impact on Project and how our work aligns with the mission of Fedora, along with how supporting this FAD advances the future and growth of the Fedora Project (see: a completed Fedora logic model would be especially helpful!!!)
  • Discuss current purposes and impacts on the mailing list or in a meeting; come to final agreement
  • Confirm and finalize ideal dates for as many participants as possible
  • Choose a venue based on locations, available dates of FAD participants, and budget (multiple proposals are acceptable)
  • On mailing list or meeting, vote on proposed locations and agree on a destination to pitch
  • Research transportation, food options, other smaller parts of FAD for budgeting
  • Plan and arrange small social event for team (e.g. dinner or small trip to local venue or attraction)
  • Create proposal ticket in Fedora Council Trac NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30
  • Await further feedback…

@tatica, do you think the logic model might be something you want to check out since it's all in Inkscape? Alternatively, we could do a pen and paper version, that works just the same… I'm open to anything. But I feel like using this logic model will be VERY helpful in proposing our FAD if we can fit our goals and objectives into this format.

Two decisions are the most important before we go further on this -
1. Location and Date (devconf is not a good idea if Justin and Bee are not going to make it).
2. Who all are going to make it

Let's make these decisions by this week (in meeting), so that rest of action items can be taken care of before September 30.

@amsharma To this point, @jonatoni is going to be in Brno this week, and is going to talk to sesivany about ideas and brainstorming on options we might have there.

Discussed in in 2016-09-14 meeting.

We tried covering a lot of details on this in a short amount of time! I'll try to break this up.


Current status

The purpose is well-defined for the FAD, but we need to begin tying in how our purposes and objectives will have an impact on the Fedora Project to help advance it further. I don't think this will really be that hard, but we want to have a clear connection between the things we're planning to do and what results we want to get out of them. Creating the "big picture" for why this FAD will be of significant gain to the Project will lend us favor when it comes to having a strong proposal.

For now, please review the wiki page and leave any feedback / comments you have in this ticket!

Action items

  • @jonatoni Share any info you learned about venue options in Brno in the ticket for the FAD planning
  • @jflory7 @amsharma @tatica Work on defining planned impact / scope of the FAD

@jonatoni If you need/want help with Brno venue options, let me know. I am based there.

@bex thanks for your help :)

If we decide to organize FAD before/after DevConf in Brno:

  1. Venue: we can use Red Hat offices for free (Jiri will help us)
  2. Accomodation: Hotel Vista
    • Double Room occupied by one person - 1340 CZK (~ €50)/night
    • Double Room occupied by two persons - 1550 CZK (~ €57)/night
    • Apartment for 1-3 persons - 1950 CZK (~ €72)/night
  3. Catering: we can order pizza for example, or something else. Prices are really cheap. If we need an estimation of the costs for catering I can ask again but I need to know how many persons will be part of the event.
  4. Travel/ Transportation (How to go to Brno):
    • Brno airport: is a small international airport near Brno. There are a few regular flights. This airport is a good option if you're coming from London (Standed - Ryanair, Luton - Wizzair), Munich (Lufthansa), Eindhoven (Wizzair).
    • Vienna International Airport: The easiest way to get from the airport to Brno are the RegioJet buses (online booking possible; use stop Viena Schwechat Airport as your starting place). The direct bus takes 2 hours.
    • Václav Havel Airport Prague: There are no direct coaches between the airport and Brno, but it's possible to book the journey as one ticket with RegioJet with a connection at the Prague main bus station (Florenc). Czech Railways provides shuttle buses between the airport and the Prague main train station. To get from the Prague airport to Brno takes at least 3.5 hours by public transport. It is faster to get to Brno from Vienna.
    • By train: Brno has good train connections to several European cities and train is the fastest and most convenient means of transportation between big cities in the region. All intercity trains arrive and depart at the main station Brno hl. n., which is a hub of public transport in the city.

Train Timetables:

  • Prague - trains between Prague and Brno go hourly, 2.5 hours
  • Vienna - trains between Wien Hbf and Brno go every hour, 1.5 hour
  • Bratislava - from Bratislava Hlavna Stanica hourly, 1.5 hour
  • Budapest - from Budapest-Keleti pu several trains every day, 5 hours
  • Warsaw - from Warszawa Centralna several times every day (usually one connection), 7 hours
  • Berlin - from Berlin Hauptbahnhof several trains every day, 7.5 hours

    • By bus: Brno is part of the European bus network and all connections and their prices are similar to trains. RegioJet and Eurolines provide buses to many european cities. Most Eurolines busses arrive at Brno-Zvonarka, Brno's main bus station. Student Agency buses arrive at a station opposite the Grand Hotel which next to the main train station.

—-As you can see we will not spend a lot of money for the venue, accomodation and catering, but we need to see the prices of our travel flights

Discussed in 2016-09-23 hack session. See hack session Etherpad.


During our hack session this morning, we mostly focused on covering some of these key points for FAD planning:

  • Demonstrating how our goals for the FAD tie into a greater overall impact on Fedora
  • FAD budgeting
    • Agreeing on final date and location
    • Gathering info on travel costs for all attendees
    • Creating a final budget estimate for FAD

Agreement on dates and location

@amsharma was going to lead the final push towards gathering final input on event location and the target dates we wanted to pursue. It still seems like DevConf is the most popular option, but for now, we should have a definite answer by next week's meeting. Stay posted for more info.

Goals and impact

For the most part, the purpose and goals of our FAD are pretty well-defined. The next step is taking these goals, their inputs, related activities, and expected outputs, and demonstrating how they will lead to measurable outcomes and have a positive impact on the Fedora community beyond our FAD event. There is a wonderful logic model template by mattdm that organizes these points into a friendly chart format. I think utilizing this resource would be a powerful way to prepare for a proposal and to show the merit behind the Fedora Council using Fedora budget to sponsor our FAD.

In the session, I took on an action item to have a rough draft of text that demonstrates and explains this by our next meeting. Once the content generation is done, I would love to work with @tatica on taking any advanced wording down and simplifying it to the logic model template linked above.

Planes, trains, and automobiles (a.k.a. travel budgeting)

This dominated most of the discussion during the hack session. We played around with a few different venues and dates. @amsharma and @jonatoni are going to work on creating the final budget proposal for event venue and dates once the final location is agreed on from above.

In the meanwhile, the "homework" over the weekend is for all FAD attendees to research their travel costs to both Brno and Tirana and add it to the hack session Etherpad. Once final selections are made, this info will be moved from the pad and into the wiki.

I feel like I wrote a better summary of this earlier, but Pagure gobbled it up. Hopefully this clearly communicates where we are with the FAD planning so far.

Proposal pending review

Earlier today, @jonatoni updated the budget section on the wiki section to reflect the changes she and @amsharma worked on for number-crunching. I finished writing up details further on our intended impact by hosting the FAD on the wiki page a bit ago.

As of now, I think this is in a state where it is ready to take to the Fedora Council, but would like to get +1/-1s in the ticket before moving forward. Please take careful time to review the wiki page and leave your vote here in this ticket.

@jflory7 , I have reviewed the document and did few modification as -

  1. Modified the plan section to reflect OSCAL as an option.
  2. Put a note in budget section to reflect the ticket prizes can go high with time.
  3. Filled "-" values with specifics as sharing or hometown etc.
  4. Also, I have modified arrival and departure date to make it 4 nights, earlier it was showing 5 nights in Plan section.

Question - Should we remove Logistics section, as it does not have any real values there, or we plan to fill it after the FAD with real expenditures?

Rest looks good to me, so +1

@amsharma We went through and updated the logistics section based on the budget we have at the bottom. I put a note there that for now, it is reflective of what we have planned in the budget. After determining which proposal we will follow and receiving external feedback, we can plot specific details there (e.g. restaurants, specific venues, etc.).

@tatica Do you think you would be able to try your hand at converting the purpose + impact details on the wiki page into a version of this logic model? It's not required… but I think it would be really helpful to us if we could have this for next week.

Ticket filed

The ticket for the FAD is filed in the Council Trac. For now, this ticket is removed from the meeting agenda until we receive further feedback from the Council about how to proceed.

@tatica @amsharma @bee2502 @jonatoni @marinaz So, I took a first spin at trying to create one of mattdm's Logic Models for our FAD… feedback would be very welcome about this if it's something to attach to the Council ticket before tomorrow. Please let me know what you think!


Regarding the CoC - perhaps you should also consider whether reporting like this is useful: http://www.writethedocs.org/conf/eu/2016/news/code-of-conduct-report/

About traveling - I recommend taking your flight to London, that should be easy enough, and from there directly to Brno:

There is a flight from London Luton every morning, and from Stansted in the afternoon.

Airport ~ ~ London departure ~ ~ Brno arrival ~ ~ Flight
Luton ~ ~ 6:25 am 09:35 am Wizz AirWizz Air 2802 LTN-BRQ
Stansted ~ ~ 0:40 pm 3:45 pm RyanairRyanair 8403 - STN-BRQ


The problem is that as far as I can see you would all arrive to Heathrow (Justin to Gatwick) airport in London, and as you can see above, the flights to Brno are from the other two airports...

Munich is another option, seems better than london (except for Justin..)

Munich departure ~ ~ Brno arrival ~ ~ Flight
10:50 am 11:55 am bmi Regional 1733
2:40 pm 3:40 pm bmi Regional 1735 MUC-BRQ

(Markdown in Pagure sucks.)

Final action items, pre-FAD goals and rough schedule for FAD can be found here : http://piratepad.be/p/diversity_fad_fedora

FAD in progress

So the FAD is happening! Huzzah! We're working on things this weekend and our Etherpad of notes can be found here.

An event report will follow later, but we have a lot of work to do first. :wink:

FAD completed

Okay, since the FAD has wrapped up and we're moving forward now, I'm going to close this ticket. We still have some follow-up work to do ( #16 ), but as far as planning goes, I think this ticket is good to go. Happy to have this opportunity to meet and work on so many great things with you all in Brno. :smile:

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