#1261 Add support in Markdown for strikethrough
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When using issues for tracking long-term action items, it is not possible to use strikethrough syntax to cross items off.


This is a wishlist item I've started wanting after using Pagure in place of Trac recently. Similar to GitHub-flavored Markdown, it would be very helpful to have strikethrough syntax support in issues for tickets that track long-term items or tasks. This makes it easy to edit an issue, strike a line off of a list, and clearly mark it as complete. Editing and removing the line removes that history and does not as effectively communicate whether a task was complete.

I think this syntax will be especially helpful for some teams that are moving from Trac, as well as from a general perspective of projects moving from GitHub to Pagure.


Add support for strikethroughs in Markdown / use a different flavor of Markdown? I have no idea what the technical scope of this issue might be, but I hope this isn't too big of an ask! :worried:

strikethroughs in markdown is not supported by default (https://daringfireball.net/linked/2015/11/05/markdown-strikethrough-slack) , GIthub is using their own flavour of markdown.

But markdown supports plain HTML and we could use the tag to strikethroughs a word. But this does not seems to work at the moment in pagure.


we could just allow the <del> tag then :)

Check the place where we use bleach

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