#156 FWD Planning Survey: Draft a list of questions to send to past organizers
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Create a short survey to send to past FWD organizers to get a temperature-check for our approach this year


FWD (maybe GFWD) 2020 is going to look different from previous years. Each year, we always rely on the participation of our internationally-dispersed local organizers to pull this off. Since we work together with a diverse group of people from around the world, with varying responsibilities and free time, we should understand what they have capacity or interest for. (Plus we are still in a global pandemic.)

So, let's defer to the expertise and regional contexts of our local organizers. A short survey is a helpful tool to invite their expertise.


We need to draft a set of questions to send out. @ashlyna and @siddharthvipul1 collaborated on a set of questions in this Etherpad. The D&I Team is tasked to review these questions by the next D&I Meeting on September 10th, 2020.

Eventually, once we are happy with the questions, we will ship this out on Limesurvey with the gracious help of @siddharthvipul1.


Get a feel for our how our past local organizers are feeling about FWD 2020 this year, and what they have capacity for (if any -- we need to ask!)

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@jflory7 @siddharthvipul1 @ashlyna - I added in "What kind of topics would you like to see covered at FWD?" and put in a couple options, but it needs more, I think programming related topics. I also added in a follow up question for people to write things in. Feel free to edit :)

I've added my comments on the survey. Looking forward to the survey responses!

Hi all! @ashlyna and I talked today in the Docs Mentor hour and the questions in the HackMD pad are ready to go from my view. We might change the dates for October but we will definitely talk about that in the next meeting.

+1 for moving to LimeSurvey with our current questions and feedback.

Shortly after @ashlyna departed, @orionstar25 came and said hi during the Mentor Hour. :smile:

@orionstar25 mentioned it might be helpful to only offer two options for which weekend we run a 72 hour event. This way, it will be easier for us (the global organizing team) to make a decision and hopefully avoid the paradox of choice in providing so many options.

We might want to wait on proposing two dates until we first talk with the GNOME team. I am following up on that in #148.

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Discussed in 2020-09-10 meeting.

The meeting chairs approved the question draft! @ashlyna @siddharthvipul1, please go ahead and work on migrating the questions into Limesurvey. :tada: We have a little fuzziness on the dates, but we should have those finalized next week, once we talk with the GNOME folks ( #148 ).

@ffmancera this might be interesting for you

Even though we did not get a chance to review in public before FWD 2020, it would be great to get a summary/report of the survey results as part of a retrospective for this year's event.

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