#148 FWD 2020: Expanding to Fedora + GNOME Women's Day
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Formalize a collaboration with the GNOME Engagement / D&I Team to bring GNOME on as a co-organizer this year


At GUADEC 2020, some of the Fedora D&I team members attended the GNOME D&I session. We briefly discussed a joint Fedora+GNOME Women's Day event, since GNOME was also interested in participating in more community events around diversity.

We followed up on this topic in our Nest session on Sunday, 9 August 2020. Regina Nkemchor Adejo, Vice President of the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors, joined our session briefly but we did not get an opportunity to talk about the collaboration in detail. This ticket is the extension of this conversation.


I think the most important things to figure out are these points:

  1. Updating branding: Coordinate with Design Team(s) in Fedora and GNOME to create trademark-compliant branding resources
  2. Updating Resource Pack: Probably need to include more GNOME-specific content, or split the GNOME info out into a new page (or, link to the GNOME D&I's team docs if they have something)
  3. Inviting GNOMEies to help as CFP reviewers: We use the FWD repo for receiving applications. We should invite selected GNOME team members to reviewers to comment and update ticket metadata.

There might be more angles to cover, but these are the three that I see right now.


  • GNOME is on-boarded with the Fedora D&I Team for Women's Day 2020 joint event
  • Local organizers may include GNOME swag, content, or other info in their event schedules

@jflory7 has scheduled a call with GNOME about this

Discussed in 2020-08-27 meeting.

I pinged the GNOME Engagement team over in their Rocket.chat about the meeting I proposed. I proposed Tuesday, September 1st at 13:00 UTC (09:00 EDT / 14:00 Lagos / 18:00 Karachi / 18:30 IST) as a meeting time, but I need confirmation. Will put it into Fedocal once I get a confirmation.

I will follow up on this on Tuesday, 8 September.

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Oh no! I didn't do that follow-up. This was a hard thing for me to get organized.

Since we were unable to pull off a formal collaboration, I shared the CFP and @ramyaparimi's CommBlog post over in the GNOME Community:


I also cross-posted to their Rocket.chat instance.

For now, I think this is the most we can do, since we are two weeks out from the event. Hopefully we see some GNOMEies there. :grinning:

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