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Documentation, data and scripts related to maintaining desktop modules and Flatpak runtimes
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This git repository holds documentation, data and scripts related to maintaining Fedora modules for the desktop and for Flatpak runtimes for Fedora.

Fedora Desktop Modules Plan

The plan is to have the following modules, in addition to a large number of application modules:

X11-base - (already exists, name is perhaps not ideal). Holds the core graphics stack - X, wayland libraries, mesa.

desktop-runtime - this module corresponds roughly to org.gnome.Platform/org.gnome.SDK, but possibly with the addition of Qt and other libraries frequently used by Linux workstation users.

desktop - this module contains the core GNOME desktop, but not desktop applications.

flatpak-runtime - this is a small module that depends on desktop-runtime, and adds Flatpak-specific stuff, and in particular has a buildroot profile that install macros for relocation to /app. If you build-requires this module, your package will be relocated to /app. Build time modules like autotools are also required by this module so that they can be included into the SDK flatpaks, while they are only buildrequired by the desktop-runtime module.

The dependency graph looks something like:

flatpak-runtime ┐
desktop ────────┤
                └ desktop-runtime ┐
                                  ├ X11-base
                                  └ fonts ───────┐
                                                 └ Platform

The`flatpak-runtime module will have profiles corresponding to different generated runtimes:

runtime-base: org.fedoraproject.BasePlatform. This is a smaller runtime corresponding to org.freedesktop.Platform, and should contain packages that we think could be supported over multiple years. (Possibly the name should be something like runtime-stable instead, but stable is a loaded word.)

sdk-base: org.fedoraproject.BaseSdk - SDK corresponding to org.fedoraproject.BasePlatform. The goal is that most flatpak-builder manifests that build against org.freedesktop.Sdk can be built against this instead, though can't be a formal promise, because org.freedesktop.Platform contains some amount of stray binaries and libraries that we need to eliminate. (It contains, for example, a binary of the Python idle IDE that doesn't work. Pulling idle into our runtime via python2-tools would pull in python2-tkinter and tk.)

runtime: org.fedoraproject.Platform - the runtime that Fedora Flatpaks uses, roughly corresponding to org.gnome.Platform. It may contain less stable libraries than org.fedoraproject.BasePlatform.

sdk: the SDK corresponding to the `org.fedoraproject.Platform. The goal is that most flatpak-builder manifests that build against org.gnome.Sdk can be built against this instead.

Usage of this module

Prequisites: you need to have the following "upstream" runtimes installed:

  • org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/1.6
  • org.freedesktop.Sdk/x86_64/1.6
  • org.gnome.platform/x86_64/3.26
  • org.gnome.Sdk/x86_64/3.26

These will be used as sources to resolve hypthetical package sets that we can compare to the package sets of the desktop modules.

You also need python3-jinja2 python3-dnf and possibly a few other Python packages installed.

And finally, you'll need to have fedmod installed.

Report generation: run make. The first run will download f27 data into the user-specific DNF cache and also generate a big index of all files in Fedora. Subsequent runs are faster. Then open report.html in your browser.