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Since our inaugural meeting in October 2015, a lot has changed in our team and we have more tickets on the backlog. A Fedora Activity Day (FAD) would be a helpful opportunity for core team members to gather in person, work through tasks, and plan ahead for the next year.


Over the past year, the CommOps workflow was disrupted due to things outside of our control. I was busy with school, Bee was working with Mozilla for Outreachy, and the FCAIC position changed. We lost momentum then, and we're still working to get back to that point of regular activity and consistent work.

We have some tickets in our backlog that need to be addressed. If not completed, then they should be broken down into smaller, subsequent tasks that we can complete. Creating standards or an SOP for how we manage tickets and stay organized would be helpful.

We also need to plan ahead for the next year, particularly with the implementation of the metrics dashboard ( #114 ).


A FAD enables us to work on these tasks for a few days in person. From past experience with other teams, a FAD would be extremely helpful to revitalize the team and set us on a sustainable path (one goal I have, personally, is to make sure that CommOps reaches a healthy state so if a core team member has to depart, the team will be able to survive and continue).

More details require discussion and planning for how we execute this. We can begin next steps at our next meeting.


This section is empty for now, but later, relevant sub-tickets to the work we want to do should go here.

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Since I'm selfish, I like devconf.cz FAD... :D

Discussed in 2017-10-30 meeting.

Initial planning steps

To start planning for a FAD, we need to highlight tasks / tickets we want to complete or work on in person at a FAD. Once we identify the work to accomplish at a FAD, we can begin two steps:

  1. Determining "pre-work" to maximize the effectiveness of our time in person
  2. Creating a FAD proposal to share with the Council for a budget request

Let's aim to have the proposal put together by end of November so we have time to make a competitive bid for international travel and other costs for putting this FAD together.

Discussed in 2017-11-06 meeting.

We briefly discussed this, but it's blocked by initial planning work. I want to create a draft wiki page and try creating different sub-tasks for planning the FAD, so we can divide and conquer with these efforts.

hi @jflory7 FAD sounds interesting
let me know what are the task/activities needs to be done may i do this on my own or volunteers/contributors/participants are required/mandatory

Pranjal Vyas

Discussed in 2017-11-27 meeting.

Logic model due

I plan to have a logic model completed in the next week for the FAD.

Identifying tickets

We spent some time identifying tickets we want to focus on during the FAD. #108 came up as an interesting one to work on (integrating Fedora Magazine / Community Blog into fedmsg). Via the REST API, it might be possible to even do this in Python.

If others have tickets they want to highlight for the FAD, please bring them up here.

Logistic planning

I know I will need help with logistic planning (i.e. location, dates, budgeting). While I'm working on the logic model, I put out an open call for anyone to help research costs and begin the budgeting process (so we can be timely with this and book tickets earlier than later).

More details are in the minutes.

I've created a kanban to put the tasks and follow them, maybe is not needed but maybe it will help, maybe just following the ticket is enough. Let's try it:


Logistic planning

If we're in Brno I'll be able to take care of all things with space, food, etc... which would be probably a good idea if I took responsibility budget as well.

to help research costs

@jflory7 what do you mean by this? Or rather, we need to look into costs only if we have more than one viable location/time to meet. Do we? FOSDEM is too expensive. devconf.cz is obviously financially very nice (but not as cheap as Poland - is there any option in poland?) I don't think that there is a better opportunity than before/after devconf...

I've opened a Kanban in taiga, maybe it will help to manage the tasks for this better than tickets:


Budget stuff per attendee

  • 50$/night at Vista hotel (we can get cheaper variants closer to the office if we book ASAP - yesterday!!)
  • 30$/day for lunch & dinner

Discussed during 2017-12-11 meeting.

Concrete examples for Grimoire

@bee2502 noted we should better communicate how Grimoire is helpful for Fedora by using a specific example in our proposal. We went through a few use cases (commented in #114) and will pick one concrete example to add into our proposal.

While we all understand the benefit and importance of it, a concrete example makes it easier for the audience of our proposal (i.e. Fedora Council) to understand why this is helpful and awesome too.

Logic model

The last major pending work for the proposal is the logic model. I plan to work on this during the CommOps hack session this evening.

Due date for proposal

We're working a tight deadline to get this to the Council on their Wednesday meeting (Dec. 13). Next week gets into holiday season and slower responses, and the sooner we book, the cheaper it is.


Once we get a travel budget evaluated, we need to figure out how GrimoireCon fits into our FAD proposal (if we want to make it a part of the proposal or plan it separately as Ambassadors).

Discussed in 2017-12-18 meeting.

Action item follow-up

@skamath and @dhanesh95 both have action items for tickets #114 and #108, respectively. They are due before the FAD, but we can follow up in January on these things. I plan to do more research / prep work on the Appreciation Week ticket (gathering all feedback and coming up with a plan for what we discuss in person) and for the elections component of the FAD.

Logic model

This is required for our FAD. I plan to complete this, but I underestimated my time this week (I'm traveling down the US east coast later today). I hope to have this done by the next time the Fedora Council meets.

Other funding

Remember, if you plan to attend other events near the FAD, e.g. DevConf / FOSDEM, you need to file funding request tickets ASAP. The FAD budget does not include accommodation and travel for other events.

Discussed in 2018-01-22 meeting.

Schedule adjustments

We made a few schedule adjustments during the meeting.

Start with year-long planning

@bee2502 suggested extending the ticket triage session into a high-level goal-setting / planning session for CommOps in 2018. This made sense to me. We extended the first half of Monday morning to help draft a year-long vision for what CommOps wishes to pursue in 2018 and when we want to accomplish it.

Switching GrimoireLabs and elections

@bee2502 is not available on Wednesday. She has an interest in the data / metrics discussion for GrimoireLabs. We moved GrimoireLabs to all-day Tuesday, and pushed the elections discussion to most of Wednesday.

Opened private #136 ticket "FYI"

I slipped on the event report for this weekend and will push into this upcoming week to write it.

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A final event report draft is available for preview on the Community Blog. We could publish this on Wednesday and close out this ticket.

Anyone have any feedback or thoughts before publishing?

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+1, I think you have mentioned all the things we covered during the FAD.

+1 This is a great report.

Discussed in 2018-04-23 meeting.

The event report draft is pending review. It is scheduled now for Friday, April 27, 2018 at 08:30 UTC. We can make changes and edits before then. Otherwise, once published, this ticket will be closed as complete.

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The FAD event report published this morning. You can read it here:


Thanks everyone for all of your hard work to make this FAD a success! :tada: There's a lot to look forward to in 2018.

Closing ticket as complete.

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