#134 Attend GrimoireCon 2018, conduct research for #114
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CommOps team attends GrimoireCon in Brussels on 2018 Feb. 02; research deployment and usability possibilities for a Fedora platform (per #114 discussion)


CommOps is currently pursuing a GrimoireLabs dashboard for Fedora (#114). As part of our FAD (#125), we're attending GrimoireCon, the annual conference for GrimoireLabs. This provides an opportunity to meet the upstream community, get our questions answered, and inform our plan to bring a metrics dashboard to the Fedora community.


At a minimum, we want to accomplish these things:

  1. Evaluate possibility of RPM packaging for Fedora / EPEL
  2. Analyze Docker possibility to deploy in OpenShift

Additionally, our team is split between the afternoon tracks to better inform ourselves on both…

  • Building and using Grimoire
  • Developing for and deploying Grimoire


Create relationship with upstream community and better inform our plan for #114

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This ticket is blocking on event reports. GrimoireCon attendees, please add links to your event reports here when published.

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As I asked in the email - I understand this as part of the FAD, do we need separate posts? I think that it would be much better to include it in the FAD blog post.

@rhea GrimoireCon wasn't explicitly a part of our FAD budget or proposal. Since some of us had pre-existing plans for FOSDEM, we were able to make it a part of our trip.

Some of us split off between different parts of the workshops in the afternoon, so I would be curious to see what everyone else thought about the event. I plan to write a specific report of my own on my blog.

As for whether it technically needs to be done per Fedora policy, I assume it depends if GrimoireCon came from the line item for the CommOps FAD or if it's coming from another part of the Fedora budget. @bex, could you clarify here?

Technically Grimoire Con is not part of the CommOps FAD or FOSDEM budgets and it should get a separate detailed events report as it is something Fedora paid for people to attend and we should make sure this knowledge is used, preserved and shared.

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CHAOSSCon + GrimoireCon Europe 2018

This event report from @jonatoni is currently published. Most of our notes on Grimoire are in this ticket. I'm going to close this as complete, and new other reports can be added to this ticket.

This unblocks #125.

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