#104 [Vendors] Put process in place to maintain an up to date list of Online and Local vendors
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I wonder if this falls under CommOps. We've had these pages on the wiki for a while now:


I've updated them in the past, but I think we need a process that checks these up at regular intervals. Ideas?

(The Distribution SIG doesn't exist - not sure it ever existed, but given that these pages tell people how to get Fedora, we either need to archive them, or updated them: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Distribution)

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2 years ago

Hi @ankursinha thanks for pointing it out.

Re: vendors, Can you explain a bit more about how to get the updated list of vendors to add them to this wiki page ? If Fedora contributors are signing up for this somewhere, we could probably set up a fedocal reminder every release to update the vendors wiki page.

Re: Distribution category, @jflory7 do you have any thoughts on this ? perhaps a discussion for the CommOps mailing list ?

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2 years ago

Hmm, I'm not sure if this wiki is updated or current at all for some regions. My concern with this ticket is if putting this information into an inter-region wiki page might make it difficult to keep up to date, if at all, even with a process.

I wonder if it would be better to task regions to document this information in wherever they are actively using or performing swag requests (e.g. for FAmNA, it might be in the README of our requests repo).

What do you both think of this, @ankursinha / @bee2502? If we think this is the best next step, I'm not sure if it would make more sense to offer this as a suggestion to each region in their local ticket trackers or to make this a FAmSCo ticket.

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2 years ago

Ticket moved

I'm closing this ticket as moved. I filed a new ticket at mindshare#2. This is where the new Mindshare Committee will have their tickets and discussions, and since this involves multiple groups and teams in Fedora, it's a good fit for this new body to handle and address.

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2 years ago

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