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Add Fedora user account authentication and fedmsg integration to Happiness Packets to deploy in Fedora‚Äôs infrastructure  |  https://happinesspackets.fedorainfracloud.org/
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This project contains the codebase for fedora hosted version of happinesspackets.io to be used during Appreciation week. The live service is hosted here


Make sure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed.

In order for the login and send views to work, you must supply an OpenID Connect Client ID and Client Secret:

chmod +x generate_client_secrets.sh 

To run on http://localhost:8000/ :

docker-compose up

After making any changes to the code, make sure to rebuild the container:

docker-compose up --build

The t command is a very short shell script that runs the tests with the correct settings and reports on coverage.

To run it:

docker-compose exec web sh

To run the integration tests::

./manage.py test -v 2 -p integration_test*.py --settings=happinesspackets.settings.tsting