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Fedora Account System authentication support and fedora-messaging integration to Happiness Packets (demo)


For more help, read the project documentation:

Contributing guidelines

See our contributing guidelines for project guidelines.

Create development environment

These instructions run an instance of fedora-happiness-packets on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See setup instructions in our documentation.

Where to find us

Get in touch with us! You can find us in these places.

»»» New contributor? Start here! «««

Are you looking for ways to contribute? We recommend this path of activities for newcomers to follow:

1. Read project goals and contributing guidelines

Get to know our project better and what our goals are. Our contributing guidelines explains what fedora-happiness-packets is and what it is not. They also explain etiquette on how to work on tickets and send pull requests. It is the most important reference when making contributions to the project.

2. Create a development environment

See fedora-happiness-packets#100.

3. Try out fedora-messaging

fedora-messaging is tool for applications in Fedora Infrastructure to emit messages and communicate with other applications. It is an important part of integration for our project. See fedora-happiness-packets#103 for more info.

4. Look for beginner-friendly tickets

When you complete the previous steps, look for unassigned beginner-friendly tickets. Tickets without an assignee are open for taking. Refer to the contributing guidelines for etiquette on claiming a ticket.


This project is licensed under the Apache License.