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Maintain and update Fedora Cheat Cubes
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Maintain and update Fedora Cheat Cubes


In a cube:

  • the main font for text is Liberation Mono and for title Comfortaa.
  • The size used must be the same in all the cube.
  • Titles are centered, main text left aligned
  • Between a command and its meaning, we use the utf8 symbol ► with color 0a57a4ff


This project is using itstool to support translation.

You can translate it in Fedora Cheat Cube projects inside the Fedora translation platform

An example with French to generate your localized svg file:

target=fr # change me

msgfmt "./po/$target/Fedora_Cheat_Cube_Users.po" -o "./$target.mo"
itstool -m "./$target.mo" -o ./ ./cubes/Fedora_Cheat_Cube_Users.svg
rm "./$target.mo"

Remember you can download po files directly from Zanata and don’t have to wait for a pull in this repository.

Translatable object

Please note that all string in BOLD is, by default, not translatable (in a cube, the command are in bold). Note also that things in BOLD ITALIC are translatable, beacause they mean a "parameter" like command, user... and they have to be translated.

About translated label position

Especially for verbose languages, you'll have to manually adjust the localized position to make sure the result is clean.


The abrev.sh script allow you to make some abbreviationx for verbose languages. It works with a rules file where words and abbreviations are separated by '=':


You can use it on the .po file:

$ ./abrev.sh abrev/fr.txt po/Fedora_Cheat_Cube_User.fr.po fr.po