#739 CentOS infra/ansible change to support deploying RHEL
Closed: Fixed 22 days ago by arrfab. Opened a month ago by arrfab.

counter-part of https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/10632 : as Fedora is already using RHEL (and will continue), CentOS infra should also investigate (same team) deploying and maintaining (and eventually converting ?) RHEL as default platform (to be consistent with Fedora rollouts and so same OS maintained by same team)

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WIP : this commit adds RHEL support in our baseline role and so can use internal or RH CDN repositories

Next steps:
* adding kickstart option for both bare-metal and kvm guests
* adding protected mirror to deploy from scratch

Status update : this commit will permit to protect with TLS + credentials a mirror tree (to not leak content publicly) and so able to point to that specific mirror to deploy RHEL

Next on the list :

  • still kickstart option
  • adding also automatic refresh script to pull DVD iso image and create installable trees for all architectures/versions we want to support on that internal (or protected) mirror

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